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Thank You.

Just wanted to tell you that we happened upon you and Wishboard Wanda at the NC State Fair this week with our 3 year old grandson ... you were the high point of the fair for us all.  I wanted to tell you that I also enjoyed your bios as well ... you both have very inspirational stories.
Thank you for bringing a smile to kids of all ages.
thomas fenske, in north carolina.


We are from Pennsylvania and my wife and I saw you at the Alaska State Fair
this year.  We were pleasantly surprised with your unique performance,
entertaining the little kids and me, age 53, LOL.  I felt compelled to
compliment you on your talent.
Keith  Hbg., PA
My husband and I enjoyed seeing you at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer. We
hope to see you again next year.

Dear Washboard Willy,
 My son Jacob has been listening to your CD everyday since he saw you
again this year at the Deschutes County Fair in Redmond, OR. His picture
from 2000 is in  your photo album. He is the little guy in the flag
shirt and shorts.
Anyway you are his hero. He has liked music since he was a tiny baby,
now that he is 3 he is much more excited about music.  Jacob  likes your
music so much that he asked for his own washboard. His grandma and
grandpa found him one and rigged it up with backpack straps so he could
play it. Then we superglued thimbles to the fingers of a small pair of
gardening gloves. He plays his washboard every day.  I will have to send
a picture to you.  His favorite song is Billy Billy Bayou. He knows most
of the words too.  And he asked for a "Washboard Willy Wagon" for a
present.  I am a percussionist and I think its great that Jacob has
begun to enjoy rhythm.
Thank you for bring hours of entertainment to my son. We will see you
again at the Deschutes County Fair if not sooner.
Thank you,
Jaylynn and Jacob Mickel
My wife (Sylvia) and I saw you Aug 31st at the Alaska State Fair. We were
sitting at Roscoes Ribs when you came by then you turned around and came back. We
really enjoyed you and your music. Hope you see you entertain again soon.
GREAT !!!!!!
                                       Lindy & Sylvia
                                       Eagle River, Alaska
I don't know if you remember me... My name is Jessica and we briefly performed together in Sacramento this year. I just wanted to drop you a note telling you how much fun I had with you. My brother, sister and I had a great time. While we were there my mom got the CD with the washboard. My little brother Matt thinks it is the best thing next to sliced bread. I love the CD, I ask my mom to play it over and over again when we are in the van. Thank you for putting our pictures on your site. I hope to see you again soon.
You Friend,
YOU ARE SO COOL! I want to be like you when I grow up...

how do I start a career in the 'washboard willy' arts? please, tell me your secrets...

much love and respect,


clarisa montgumery
Dear Mr. Willy,
Just a note to say thanks for the fun in Alaska.  I hope you time here was
rewarding and fun...
As I write this I bet you are resting from your busy day at the Alaska State
Fair.  You truly are a magician and one can really see the unique love you have for the kids
and your work!!
All the best and good success to you!
Jim Sally Arianna
We just saw you yesterday at the Alaska State Fair. GREAT job! Definitely in the spirit of fair time. Hope you'll be back next year. Who can I contact?
My wife and I really enjoyed your music and enthusiastic way you presented it at the Alaska State Fair. Good Job and keep doing what your doing. You are great.
Larry Fisk
Dear Washboard Willy,
   I followed you around Deschutes County fair the last 2 years. ( My
kiddos are in 4-H so I live there all week )   I love music and you just
intrigue me so much with your talent.  Mostly what Intrigues me is your
happiness and Joy while you sing and play all day.  My little girl
who is 4 loves you too and loved following you and playing along.  I
didn't go to one concert either year.  Who can top you?
thank you for the Joy you brought to our fair. Hugs from Bend,
OR             Laurie
I can't tell you how much you entertained myself and my wife at the two fairs we set up at. I love to sing and wish I had some overt musical talent to perform as you do. Hope to see you perform again, your music is wonderful for all. Wishing you all the success you can handle, Most sincerely Jim and Donna Rich (Pet ID Tags) Gold Hill, Oregon.
Hey Washboard Willy,
 My family saw you for the first time in Santa Maria, Ca before the
Diamond Rio concert. And let me tell as a father of 3 kids (10, 4 and 2
years of age), I enjoyed as much as they did and you are awesome and very
entertaining... thanks again
The Grossini family
p.s. We checked out the schedule for the remaining year and your to far
for us to drive or we would be there.....  : (
Dear Washboard Willy, or Larry,

Just thought I'd let you know I saw your show just recently
at Jackson County Fair in Medford, Oregon.  I loved it!  I
am a grown-up and I really wanted to sing with you too!  (I
didn't...way to chicken...but I watched in fascination.)
You also have a beautiful voice!  I don't usually write
these notes, but I saw your e-mail address on your wagon,
and once in a while, I think you should tell people when you
think nice things about them or what they are doing.

Thanks for the great songs and fun!
I saw you at the harvest festival-I loved your show!!!!!!! 
                your friend,
                   Megan Rossoni
Dear Larry,
It was wonderful to see you again last Sunday at the Sonoma/Marin Fair.  Our
son Christian has been talking about you non-stop since the Jubilee and has
been counting down the days until Sunday.  He also told us that he felt shy and nervous
when he finally saw you.  Although he is not full of smiles and laughter he
soaks up every note, movement, and contact he has with you.  He was totally
touched that you remembered his name.  He called his grandma the minute we
got home, telling her "Grandma, Washboard Willy remembered my name!  He
remembered ME!"  Thank you Larry!  He noticed more parts to your washboard
that he hadn't noticed before.  He had me play different parts of the CD
today to show me where you played certain instruments that he learned
watching you on Sunday.  It's so very exciting to see this interest and love
in him.  

Our daughter, Madelyn truly enjoyed you also.  She definitely has her
favorite songs from your CD.  She will squeal out when she hears a familiar
part.  (-:

Thank you again for all you do!
Keri, Jose, Christian and Madelyn
Dear Larry,
We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bringing such
joy to our 4 year old son Christian.  He has become a HUGE Washboard Willy
fan!!!  We attended every set you performed at the Children's Stage at the
Sacramento Jazz Jubilee.  I play trombone and piano and performed every year at the
Jubilee during my teen and young adult years.  Music has brought me the most
precious experiences and memories and we truly wish for our children that
music will hold such a magical place in their lives.  YOU have definitely
helped with that process!!!  Your performances were magical and your spirit
filled each and every one of the children present.  Since the first
performance, Christian saw he has put himself to sleep pretending to be
performing with you or "being" you.  (-:  He has a picture of you taped to
the ceiling of his bunk bed so he can look at you while going to sleep.  We
have been listening to your CD continuously since the weekend.  Our 10 month
old daughter was mesmerized by your performances, clapping and dancing
throughout.  The second she hears your CD she starts "singing" and clapping.  
We wish you the very best in your future and will do our part in spreading
the news of you and the magic you have to share with the children.  We live
in Santa Rosa and will be in Petaluma to see you at the Sonoma/Marin County
Fair in the end of June.  Thank you again for the smiles and the true joy you
have given our family.  See you soon!
Keri, Jose, Christian and Madelyn
I understand you were GREAT!!!  - good job, Willy!  Elizabeth
I saw you at the Young Masters Art Show in Irvine on Saturday ... you were great!
Thank you, Beth
Dear WW -
My husband and I took our 18 month old granddaughter to the end of April
Harvest Festival in Pleasanton. We got such a kick out of your show! Our
little sweetie pie was groovin' with the sounds, rhythms and other kids!!!!
And so were we! We've printed out your schedule and will definitely make a
point of coming to see you next time you're in the area. Thanks for sharing
your gift! It was a happy, feel-good time!  Jennifer & Ron
I'm writing to you with misty eyes after reading your bio. You truly are a
special spirit and touch so many people. I feel honored to have been able to
work with you. You give so much to your audience and (your music just started
playing!!! I'm smiling:) ) to your fellow performers.
I've had your music stuck in my head all day "Right leg, left leg, top to
         Your ever lovin, Granny Fanny...
Dear Washboard Willy,
I saw you at the Harvest Festival in Pleasanton-LOVED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
I am nine years old.


Last weekend I saw you perform at the Sacramento Spring Harvest Fair. I was quite impressed and enjoyed watching the kids and adults get involved and enjoy your work.

Cordially, Denise


I saw you at the Harvest Festival in Del Mar yesterday, and was totally entranced!  

Thanks, Sharon

Just wanted to say what an incredibly unique show you perform ! You're the Pied Piper for sure. Washboard Willy's rhythm really has an effect on everyone!!!!!  

Thanks for the memories, Michael

I just wanted to let you know how much your music is enjoyed in our house.  I have a 2-1/2 year old daughter and an 8 month old son.  They both love listening to your "Share the Rhythm" cd.  At least once a day it is requested to be played on the stereo. I hope you have a very wonderful holiday season.....maybe someday you will do a Christmas album??  That would be awesome!

Faithful listener
Howdy WW:
Just like to say thanks for showing up to the Farmers Fair and Expo in Perris, CA.  You really have a gift for making people smile as you stroll the fair singing your songs and playing your washboard.  We hope to see and hear you again next year!
Charles & Ingrid Larsen
Thank you for your entertainment at the Deschutes County Fair!  None of the concerts caught my attention enough (including Wynonna) to want to spend my time or money at them.  My company had a booth at the fair, and every time I heard you coming, I would stop talking about the homes we build!  Instead, I would tell whoever I was talking to, to listen to you!  "Doesn't he have the most soothing voice and the best rhythm?" People would stop and listen!  My children followed you around and played the instruments you provided. My little girl, Tallie (age 3),  cried when she had to stop following you. Thank you for the warm entertainment, and for making the children smile.  It's so refreshing to know that there are people who want to entertain and touch the hearts of others without the vulgarity that is so common in lyrics today. Keep up the good work--you will be rewarded someday. Shay
Hi Washboard!  I have been watching your act for several years now and think
your GREAT!!  I work as a Dental Assistant for a 65yr. old Dr. who just
caught your act last year at the fair.  Needless to say, he hasn't stopped
talking about you or your music since.  I took your picture this year as you
strolled past my family on one of your musical journeys.  Today I gave it to
the Dr. and it now has a home taped to his office desk.  He really likes your
style and type of music-In his day he was a pretty good saxaphone player.
His band was on the local radio shows every evening. I think he and the band
would have made it big if that darn WAR didn't interupt.  Years later he
donated that saxaphone to a needy child.  Just recently, the Dr.'s family
relocated the beloved saxaphone and presented it to the Dr..  He was so
overwhelmed with joy--A REAL TEAR JERKING MOMENT!  Anyway,  the girls and I
are going to purchase your CD and fill his life with your intoxicating music.
 I'm not sure if he owns a CD player, but if he doesn't, we'll just have to
throw one of those in for the heck of it.  I can bet you that the Dr. would
keep it at the office for all of our patients to enjoy!!  Keep an eye open
for our order and send it to us with a little BANG-JINGLE-BAPIDITTY-ZAP.
Thanks again washboard willy.
                                    Sincerely, Kristi Deer Park, Wa.

    My daughter and I just got back from the fair, here in Yakima, Wa.  We
had a great time and, of course, had to stop by and watch your show.  We had
seen you last year, and my daughter was very excited to see you again.  She
has really taken a very big interest in music lately.  I am very glad that
you do what you do.  It must not be an easy life, but I am sure the rewards
are abundant.

Thanks again,   Wendy
Washboard Willy, I got a chance to see you briefly at the Oregon State Fair where you were really a hero there with the kids.  I really appreciated your interactive song/story (not sure what else to call it) it was very creative and I was really impressed.  I remember you used that one instrument, which was sort of a drum with pebbles on it or something.  It created the ocean wave sound...really neat.  Great Job! Thanks for reaching out to the kids and everyone out there! Bob
    My daughter flew from Missouri to Oregon this summer to spend a month with her grandparents.  Everytime I talked to her on the phone she mentioned singing with Willy.  I didn't find out who she was talking about until she arrived home.  We have had many opportunities to listen to your cd and love it.  My 10-month old son loves it as much as she does. 
    Thank you for being a person that children can sing with, listen to, and enjoy.  Two questions, will you ever make it to the Mid-West?  And will you be coming out with a new cd anytime soon?
Bless you and all you do.
P.S.  Thank you Willy for the fun I had playing in your group and learning your songs.  I love the three little fishies one the best.         Alexis H.
Hello there! While at the OR State fair this year I purchased your CD.  I am mezmerized by your Rythum and the musical vibrations that you put forth .  I still hold onto the vision of how the children parade behind you with such pleasure.   The point is I must have the sound that you create.     I am a visual therepist and my husband is a Naturopathic physicion, we both enjoyed hearing you at the State Fair and look forward to another opportunity of seeing you.  

With warmest regards, Sheila

Hi Larry, Just wanted to say thanks for your performance at the Oregon State Fair. I came there for two days with my family and had to look you up both times. I bought your Cd and my little 6 year old girl and I love listening to it almost every day. She really gets to dancing to it. Thank you so much for bringing joy and happiness along with fantastic music and talent to the Oregon State Fair and we will be looking for you next year. We will pray for your safety and good health along with your finances that you will be able to do your unique gift for years to come. May the Lord richly bless you in all ways. Your Christmas Valley Oregon friends, Keith Bumpass and family..
P.S. We will also pray for your motorcycle friend that the Lords love and mercy would fill your friend each and every day of their life along with your life also and of course your canine friend Penny.

I wanted to thank you for sharing the fun! Kat told me you would amuse me, and she was right.                            


Hey Willy.  I just wanted to tell you that I think you're awesome!  I worked
concession at the fair this year and every day we looked forward to seeing
you go by.  Keep up the good work!
Hi Willie!

We saw you last night at the Oregon State fair (9-4-00).
You played with Lightnin' Willie and you guys were great.
My two year old boy (Jared) was rockin' out to the song "Bye, bye baby" and
signing along. We saw your act the week before and my whole family thought
you were awesome. My kid loves you. He even calls you "Villie" when your
music comes on. We love your Cd and we love to rock to the walkin' Willie
Thanks, and we'll be lookin' for you at the fairs next season!
Nancy and Jared   ;-)
Hi Willy,  Just a note to let you know we really enjoyed your performance at
the Oregon State Fair this weekend. We bought your CD- our son Nick (3 1/2
years old) has not listened to any other music since !    Thanks Again, The
Belair Family
Larry, I have enjoyed you at the Oregon State Fair for the last 2 or 3 years. I just read your bio and was wondering if you are a Christian? Just curious. I play drums in a Christian rock band and we do all original 70's 80's style. Hope to hear from you, Chuck
Dear Willy, I am from Florida, but was visiting friends in Grants Pass, when I saw you at the Josephine County Fair.  I really enjoyed your music and thought your picture would be nice for my album.  After getting my film developed, I discovered you had a website, so here I am.  I read the comments section and see that you have touched many lives.  Keep up the good work! Esther
Larry, Again, it was a pleasure meeting you at the Josephine County Fair, and my children absolutely loved your show.  When next in Grants Pass, be sure to look us up. Frank
Dear Larry
	Or do you prefer to be called Washboard at all times?
	I very much enjoyed hearing and seeing you at the Josephine County
Fair.  I admire your talent and dedication to what you are doing.  I'm
sure it's had many ups and downs, & I hope it's all ups for you from now
on.  I was very touched when I read in your bio about the bike
accident.  "Peace has in it confidence in the Lord, that He directs all
things, and provides all things, and that He leads to a good end."
Arcana Coelestia 8455 Emanuel Swedenborg.
88 (Kathy)
My family and I enjoyed you today at the Deschutes County Fair in Redmond, Oregon.  You wre TERRIFIC!!  Truly the highlight of our day... Thanks!

The Kundert Family of Bend, Oregon

Had a great time hearing you at the Deschutes County Fair....I am the one who snuck the "bendsearch.com" bumper sticker onto the side of your cart :)

keep up the tunes :)


Hi Washboard,

We just saw you at the coos County Fair, Aug. 11th.  All of us were really impressed. You have done super to do what you are doing. Please continue. I do landscape planning, plantings and maintenance so, I'll do that for you. I just looked up your website. Very nice. Glad tolearn more about you and your schedule of where you will be. I do plan to have all the people I know in those areas to be notified you will be in their areas -- to come se you.

Thanks so much for coming to Coos County Fair. Hello toyour motorcycle friend and dog, Penny. We all enjoyed seeing you at work.

Bev Coos Bay, OR

Dear washboard willy,

I REALLY liked the songs that yo did at the fair.  Thanks for the CD.  I really liked all the tings you used for music.

Sincerely Angela,

Minni Me

I saw you this past weekend at the San Jaoquin County Fair.  As a kid of 50 I enjoyed you act very much.


Hello! My kids had a wonderful time with you at the Covina Farmer's Market.

Thanks! Samantha

Had the pleasure of seeing you at the Sacramento Jazz Festival 2000, and want to assure you you were the hit of the Festival. Everyone I came in contact with had seen you or wanted to know where you were at the moment, as the word of your unique act had spread.

Though the circumstances which brought about Washboard Willy were unfortunate, we were glad to have you. Jon

Washboard Willy

My name is Sara, and I am 17 years old and live in West Sacramento, California. I just wanted to write yo a quick letter to tell you that currently, I am performing in the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee with my Youth Band.  The Syncopating Seamonkeys.

I saw you on the streets today and yesterday, and I have to tell you - I think that what you do is great. I watched the little kids when you came around, and especially when you gave them the instruments to play... their little faces just lit right up. Keep on making people smile, and thank you for being to darn entertaining!

Sara, Lead Vocalist of the Syncopating Seamonkeys

Washboard Willie--

Loved your performance today at the Sacramento Jazz festival just before it closed today.

Thank you--Visitor #373

We have just arrived home from the Rancho Los Alamitos function and our kids are still enjoying the time they had with you. My daughter donned the Hat, the Gloves & the Washboard to be the "Mini-Me" Washboard Willy during your performance at the stage. She called you "Fantastic!" and I can't wait for the picture to be developed.

When we first heard your music, we thought it was piped-in through the speakers of the bridal path and my wife & I were both amazed that it was you on the other side of the hedge. If there ever comes a day when you are second-guessing what you do, you remember this day and strap-on that washboard knowing that you make a difference in children's lives. That is all that matters. Continued success and thank you.

Clay, Rickie, Bianca & Noah...




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